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… Lady Gaga’s Posse had some nice things to say about me…

sweet plug from the Lady Gaga Posse… and check out Michaela Bookout in the behind the scenes sneak peeeeex…


… X …

One of my favorite comic books as a kid has become a fun movie adventure, and this one certainly looks to be a promising one… Thanks to Legacy Effects again for bringing me on to assist in the making of 3 iconic characters…

new mask sculpture

Here is a new sculpture for an insect mask… the final cast will be latex.


Insect mask sculpt

Captain America the winter soldier

Here’s a new trailer for Captain America 2. I worked on 3 different characters in this film at Legacy Effects during 2013.

Robocop reboot

As a fan of the original, I have to say that this Robocop is looking very promising! I was brought into the fabrication and paint dept. at Legacy Effects to help out on the build of the Robocop suit. I will have to catch this one in the theatre.

robocop poster

Road to Launch

Probably my most anticipated stop on the FOX Sports 1 Road To Launch Tour was the New York Stop… My first time in the big apple… it was short but sweet!

Stars in Stripes

A last minute Halloween costume for Max Wasa… I do believe she won a costume contest at the party!


LA WEEKLY name drop

My Piece for the Conjoined 3 show got a sweet little name drop on the LA WEEKLY arts and culture blog ( “Your jaw might drop — “Is that Mr. T? No, it’s a bust of Mr.T.” — as you squeeze through the gallery.”) Good write up of the show with deserving featured spots on Kazu and Kevin‘s pieces. Wonder what we will dream up next year!






John 5

I did a makeup application on maestro, John 5 for his new video Noche Acosador… this music video was shot in 3D by my old room mate Jason Dunlap, and directed by my friendJonny Coffin of Coffin Case. Really like this song.


A Step from Behind the Camera

Here is a custom DEAD SPACE suit built by my friend and coworker, Aina Skinnes O’Kane ( http://www.facebook.com/jacob.roanhaus?ref=tn_tnmn ) . It just so happens that it fit me, so i got an opportunity step out from behind the camera to model it before it was shipped to the client.Dead Space Isaac hayes

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