Jacob Roanhaus

Conjoined IV

Finished my pieces for Copro Gallery’s Conjoined IV show in the nick of time… Hope to see you there!



It’s seems that there is a buzz about the community. Some have caught the art show bug! Although it was an exhausting effort, it’s worth it. Tas Limur, Giorg Yela, Mike Baker, and I will be looking to plan a show again soon…


Unnnatural Abduction

Better Late Than Never


It has been quite a while since my last posting… that just means there is more to share…

Michaela Bookout and Max Wasa… in zombie makeup… no facial appliances… just makeup…

Zombie makeup


Pleased to announce that I will be making these two models into Zombies at the next Zombie Fashion Show on 5/11/13. Thanks to Max Wasa and Michaela Bookout for being my victims in the makeup competition. I won at the last show with Michaela as my zombie model, hope I can defend the title this time around. Come out and see how I transform these ladies into sassy zombies with sex appeal!

MAX WASA…   http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ultimate-Max/347743178847?ref=ts&fref=ts


MICHAELA BOOKOUT…  http://www.facebook.com/michaela.bookout?fref=ts





Pity For The Fools / Conjoined in 3d III. The Final Chapter

Honored to be showing with such a spectacular group of artists. After so many long nights, I am finally finished with my piece, titled “Pity For The Fools”, a life size bust of Mr. T. Have to thank Eric De La Vega for the silicone painting and Michelle DeVille for the hair and dressing fabrication. Also a shout out to Cory Czekaj for molding assistance, Sam Perea for the material consulting. Here is official press release for the show. More photos in the gallery section.

IMG_0181s (1)