Jacob Roanhaus

Work History

Here are some films that I have had the opportunity to work on through my employment at the studios listed below on my resume .



   Independent Work-

VOLTO! Tocino Music Video– Director, Producer, Writer, Special Effects

Lady Gaga- Itunes festival “Swine” release costume designer, sculpture

Lady Gaga-  Applause Music Video- Masks/ Muscle leggings

Lady Gaga-  Wig Head dress: Vogue Germany editorial/Artpop Album Art- Design, Fabrication

Donna Summer Love to Love You Baby (remix) Video- Makeup Effects, Special Effects

Slant Entertainment- Art Director/ Consultant

Higher PowerSuit Designer/ Fabricator / Production Consultants 

Unnatural Abduction Art Exhibition- Founder, Producer, Curator

Junker Designs- Makeup application, Puppet Design, Fabrication, Design      Consultant

  Legacy Effects- San Fernando, CA

FOX NFL Cleatus Mascot- Suit Performer, Fabrication Consultant, Paint

Stan Winston School Robot- Mold Shop

X-men Days of Future Past – Mold Shop, Makeup appliances

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Mold Shop

Captain America  2 – Fabrication, Mold Shop

Signal – Mold shop

Grey’s Anatomy-

Commercials: Facebook Phone/ Star Wars, Playstation/ Killzone, Orbitz, Nike


  Legacy Effects-

Robocop- Fabrication, Painting, Foam Running

Ironman 3- Fabrication, Silicone Running, Mold Shop, Urethane Casting,   

                        Foam Running, Body Shop,

Pacific Rim- Fabrication, Model Shop, Silicone Casting,

Commercials: Star Wars EA Games flash mob, Target Tiny Avengers, Snickers

  Independent Work-

 John 5, Noche Acosador Music VideoMakeup Effects Application

Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance Campaign Helmet-Concept, Sculpting, Molding,   

                      Casting, Painting

We Kill Monsters: Production Trailer for Imagine Entertainment.- Makeup,    

                      Wardrobe, Special Effects


  Legacy Effects-

Pacific Rim- Fabrication, Mold shop, Silicone Casting, Foam Running

The Watch-  Foam Running

World War Z- Silicone Appliance Running

Avengers- Silicone Running, Urethane Casting, Foam Running

Snow White and the Huntsman- Urethane Casting

Total Recall- Urethane Casting, Foam Running

Ironman 2- Warmachine display- Silicone Casting

The Amazing Spiderman- Silicone running, Mold Shop

Life of PI- Mold Shop, Foam and Silicone Running, Urethane Casting

Tool Music Video- Puppeteer, Painting, Fabrication, Art Dept., Silicone Casting

Soundgarden  Music Video “Live To Rise”- Avengers shots: Silicone      Running, Urethane Casting, Foam Running

Commercials: Old Spice, ESPN ear, Sporiva Elephant, Chester Cheeto Cheetah

Puppet, Geico Pig, Geico Gecko

  Spectral Motion- Glendale, CA

Guillermo del Toro display- Mold Shop, Urethane Casting 

  Unnatural Alliance- Founding member of  this industry art exhibition; blending        

                         art, music, and community


  A.D.I.- Chatsworth, CA

X-Men: First Class- Foam Running for Beast Character

Side Show- Foam Running, Urethane Casting

Texas University Mascot Costume- Foam Running, Painting

  Legacy Effects-

Breaking Dawn 1&2- Silicone Appliance Running, Mold Shop, Painting

Cowboys and Aliens- Foam Running, Silicone Running, Urethane Running

John Carter From Mars- Foam Running

Reel Steel- Foam Running

I am #4- Foam and Silicone Running

MGMT Music Video “Congratulations”- Foam Running

Warhammer 40K E3 Suits- Foam Running, Seaming and Patching

Commercials: Commercials: Geico Pig, Geico Dog, Orkin Vacation (Rats), Halo Reach: Deliver Hope, Monster.com, AT&T Story time Characters, 6 Flags, Verizon Droid X, Jack Links Sasquatch, Car Fox, Comcast, Best Buy Robot, Starburst Zombie (Lifecast), Cheetos Chester Cheetah Puppet, Tele2 Sheep, TracFone, Zoosk Allergy


   Legacy Effects-

Thor- Foam Running, Silicone Appliance Running

Passion Play- Silicone Running

  Frontline Design- Los Angeles, CA

Spiderman 4- Foam Running, Painting


  Lunar Effects- Burbank, CA

Gris Grimly’s Wounded Embark of the Lovesick Mind- Puppeteer, Mold Shop, Silicone Body Casting, Set effects


    Rescue Critters- Van Nuys, CA

Shop Manager- Design, Painter, Mold Maker, Silicone and Urethane Casting, Sculpting, Welding and Metal Fabrication, Minor Electrical


  GM Foam Makeup FX Lab- Van Nuys, CA

Pumpkinhead 4- Foam Running, Seaming, painting, running foam appliances, manufacturing GM Foam line of products, inventory and distribution